Special night here in Thailand

Tonight is the most romantic night of the Thai year. It is called Loy Krathong and occurs on the full moon in November every year. Krathong are beautiful centerpiece looking arrangements traditionally made from a slice of banana tree decorated with leaves and flowers. The have 3 sticks of incense and a candle. You are supposed to put a piece of your hair or fingernail on it along with a coin for good luck and prosperity. You light the candle and incense and set it afloat down the river or here in Pattaya where I live, we work hard to get it to float out to sea in the Gulf of Thailand. On the beach there will be pig roasts all up and down the beach with loads of Thai side dishes to go with it. We will set lighted lantern off into the air to take out good wishes to the heavens. Fireworks will abound and the evening is great fun. Up north in Chiang Mai they have a fantastic night time street parade with maybe 100 beautifully decorated floated (krathongs). I look forward to this night every year.

If you are near a Thai Buddhist temple they probably have a version of it, but I am sure you will not be allowed to send burning lanterns into the sky.