Spicy Jalapeno's

Hi ~ I am making a homemade Salsa Verde for a dinner party tonight that calls for 3-4 jalapeno’s stemmed to taste. You roast them with several ingredients for one hour. My dilemma is that my husband got me Green jalapeno’s and yellow jalapeno’s. I have stemmed and removed the seeds from 3 of the green jalapeno’s, but I am concerned about adding the yellow ones. I want to still roast the yellow ones and be able to add later for taste, so do I leave them whole or just stem them?



No need for concern, a yellow one is simply a very ripe jalapeno.

Think of a red sweet pepper its simply a green one left to sit on the plant in the sun. It still tastes exactly like a green pepper only sweeter as its riper.

Use it as you would a green jalapeno, remembering most of the heat is in the ribs and seeds.