Spicy Pork Chops

2 Pork Chops

Lemon Juice ( Couple of drops over the meat )
Peri Peri Powder ( To Taste )
Lemon Black Pepper & Garlic Salt ( to Taste )

Put the pork chop on the BBQ fry them over the coals for plus minus 30 minutes turning the chops over every so often until they are done .

To Add to the Plate : Cook some corn for 10 Minutes , drain the Water and add some butter and spice them with some Aro Mate seasoning . 1 Large Potato ( Per Person ) stick some holes in to them with a fork and put them into the Microwave turning them over every two minutes until done . Cut the Potato’s open in a plus and add butter into the center of the potato and a pinch of salt . Take a can of Bake Beans put them into a pot throw some bacon in the pot and cook until ready put that onto the plate .

Bon Apetite

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