Spicy Sour Cream Sauce/Dressing

I’d gotten tired of plain-old, same-old tartar sauce, made with mayo, so I made up my own, using sour cream. Mayo can sometimes become rather cloying. But you could add a bit of mayo, if it pleases you.

There are no quantities given because all the flavors added are to taste. You can omit some or add others that occur to you, too.

The result should be a highly-spicy sauce or, by adding a bit more lime juice, a dressing for salad. It’s delicious on seafood of all kinds, and as a spread for sandwiches. I love it on croquettes and fish patties. Even good on a plain old hamburger.

The inclusion of lime sacs gives a burst of tangy flavor when they are broken in the mouth - quite delightful.

Mix sour cream with:

Minced, almost liquefied, onion
VERY finely minced garlic
horseradish powder
(Peel some limes, remove seeds and membranes, separate sacs)
Lime juice and sacs
Celery seed
Very finely minced jalapeno or crushed red pepper flakes or Tabasco
Dry mustard
Dry parsley flakes OR fresh (purified) minced cilantro
Mix well, add black coarse pepper and maybe salt