Steak/porkchops cooked in water??

My stepdad suggested to me to try cooking pork chops inside of an aluminum foil made “bag” in the oven, adding about a cup of water, my choice of seasonings and then sealing it shut. I cooked it in the oven at 350 for an hour and they came out the best pork chops I have EVER had. They were so juicy and flavorful, I didn’t think that was possible for pork chops as they are usually dry and tough. Anyway, with that being said, has anyone ever cooked new york strip steak this way… or ANYTHING for that matter. I thought that my stepdad was insane when he said to try it so maybe this sounds a little silly. If you’ve cooked anything, especially steaks, this way please let me know temperature and cooking times! Thank you in advance!

ohh i tried it with baby back ribs and it was perfect. The meat fell right off the bones. I curious if it would work with steak as well since i just ordered some at stockyard. i got a pretty good deal at to make it completely affordable.

that pork chop recipe sounds great. I will be sure to test it out next time I make them.