Strike the Energy Balance (Heart Health)

Strike the Energy Balance (Heart Health)

Energy balance means that the energy you put in your body — all the calories from the foods and drinks you consume every day — equals the energy you use — all the calories you burn to keep your body going and carry out your activities. To strike the energy balance, consider the following tips:

Energy In

Choose food portions no larger than your fist.
Choose a checkout line without a candy display.
Eat a low-fat, high-fiber breakfast — it may make you less hungry later in the day.
Cut high-calorie foods like cheese and chocolate into small pieces and eat fewer pieces.

Energy Out

Take the long way to the water cooler.
Buy a set of hand weights, and play a round of Simon Says with your children — you do it with the weights, they do it without.
Choose “labor-spending” devices instead of “labor-saving” devices: Wash the car by hand instead of going through an automatic car wash.
Go on a family bike ride or hike.

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