"Stringy" Cornmeal

Hi Everyone,

Hope someone can help with this. I went to use some cornmeal this morning to make fried green tomatoes. When I was measuring it out, I noticed that the cornmeal was clumpy and seemed to be attached to something that looks like very fine threads.

Does anyone know why?

Thanks so much in advance,




I called the company Monday morning and left a message with someone in Customer Service. I called this morning and was transferred to customer service. I explained the problem to the person that I was speaking with. He asked for the date code on the bag. He said that he would check the batch, speak with a couple of people and get back to me with an answer. He called back a couple of hours later and said that he checked the control batch, it was fine. That day they packaged just over 500 bags and no one else has called in to complain. He then said that he’d with a general manager and get back to me.


Still waiting for an answer from the company. Called late last week and was told that the problem was being referred to a general manager.

I’d say the ‘stringy’ is a result of a very small spider mite. They feed on bacteria that often invades corn products. The strings are actually very fine webs.
Such bacteria are the reason why so many products use preservatives.

Thanks. That’s what the ‘strings’ looked like. Makes sense. Also found the same thing in a bag of bread flour. Called Robin Hood to complain and I just received two $20 coupons from them in the mail.

It’s great that companies step up when a bad product is received. Yet, often the problem is age, or infestation caused by other older products when shelved or in close quarters. Which of course, is beyond their control. Yet, they know, it is beyond your control aswell, and the consumer should not be the one taking the loss.
Bravo to them !