stuffed peppers

i have 8 peppers stuffed with grnd beef, corn,& rice. I learned to make these from my Nannie–she always stuffed them with a bread stuffing, and so have I up until now… my questions:

she always wrapped each one in foil…and we never par boiled ours either
What are the advantages to boiling first? Have we been doing it all wrong all these yrs?

Also, from reading recipes i see that they covered the entire dish insted of individually, how long and what temp do i bake them (with whole dish covered?

Try replacing the rice with cooked beef Rice-A-Roni. It makes a tastier stuffed pepper. I cover the whole dish, first with a sheet of parchment to protect the food from the foil, and then seal it with aluminum foil.

Stuffed Peppers

3 to 4#'s hamburger
1 lb ground pork (not breakfast sausage)
garlic powder
onion powder
8 to 12 peppers-depends on the size
1 family size can tomato soup
1 regular size can tomato soup
few handfuls of rice - raw
don’t use any type fast cooking rice
2-3 sliced carrots
1 small onion sliced - optional

In a large bowl add meats and some spices and a couple handfuls of rice. Squish with
your hands almost like kneading (it just has to be mixed good to blend pork etc.) Turn
meat over and add more spices and rice and mix good.

Slice the tops off of the peppers. Throw the stems away, but save the tops. Clean
out the insides and rinse out the peppers. Fill the peppers with the meat
mixture. Push it in securely, but not too hard or the pepper will crack. Place
peppers in the pot open side up. Place them around the pan, and you can usually fit
one in the middle, then just place the rest on top of those. Add the sliced carrots,
onions, and pepper tops to pot. Fill pan less than half way with water. Add
undiluted tomato soups.
Cook on high till they start to cook, then cover and simmer for a couple of hours and rice
is done. Don’t stir…just nudge them with a spoon. Some meat may fall out of a pepper
or two. That’s ok…That usually ends up being my tester piece.
NOTE: If you end up with meat left over, just make meatballs and throw 'em
in the pot. Some people fry the meat 1st. The grease is what makes
it flavorful. DON’T FRY THE MEAT. Also some people use tomato sauce
or juice. That will also change the taste. I would not recommend
using them.
You can also use the meatloaf mixture of beef, veal, & pork already packaged.
You can use an electric roaster - just cook on 350 - it takes a little more time
A slow cooker would be ok too - again you’ll just have to adjust the time.
I never cooked them in an oven. I can’t guarantee how they would come out.