Whether you choose to stuff your turkey or cook the stuffing in a
casserole dish is a matter of personal preference. As with any
preparation involving raw food ingredients, it is important to
follow proper food safety and handling procedures carefully to
ensure a safe turkey every time. If you decide to stuff the turkey,
we recommend the following five guidelines.

  • Prepare stuffing just before placing in turkey. Use only cooked
    ingredients in stuffing - i.e., saute vegetables, use only cooked
    meats and seafood (oysters), and use pasteurized egg products
    instead of raw eggs.

  • Place prepared stuffing in turkey just before roasting. Do not
    stuff the turkey the night before roasting.

  • Stuff both neck and body cavities of completely thawed turkey,
    allowing 1/2 to 3/4 cup of stuffing per pound of turkey. Do not
    pack stuffing tightly in turkey.

  • Return legs to original tucked position, if untucked for rinsing
    or stuffing.

  • Use a cook method that allows the stuffing to cook along with the
    turkey. Do not stuff turkeys when cooking on an outdoor grill or
    water smoker or when using fast cook methods where the turkey gets
    done before the stuffing.

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