Subway Fat-Free Honey Mustard Sauce Recipe

I dont’ know if I am posting this in the correct place but, I was wondering if anyone knows of a recipe for a Fat-Free Honey Mustard sauce/dressing that tastes like the one you can get on your sandwhich or salad at Subway?
Thank you!

I just looked at the ingredient list for that product and it doesn’t look like it is going to be able to be replicated in a fat-free fashion. Actually, looking at their ingredient list makes me believe that it isn’t fat free at all… but who knows that the actual ingredient amounts are. I can give you a recipe for some good honey mustard but it is most decidedly not fat free!

DUH??? Maybe it is just me, but where is the fat in Honey and Mustard?

I have never seen Honey listed as a fat on any of the millions of Diets I have been on over the years and Mustard is a ground seed mixed with Vinegar and tumeric and other spices and I have not seen any “fat” contents for them.

This fat-free jazz is just a way to make people think they are eating more healthy food when they are not. Exampe: Fat-Free Fresh Eggs. DUH! The yolk of an egg is nothing but fat. It is what the baby Chick,if allowed to go that far, lives on until it breaks free of the shell.

I have even seen “Fat Free” Walnuts and Pecans for sale. Everyone knows that Nuts are the stored fat that the nut trees dont not, can not absorb as food over a year, so they store it in the nuts to be dropped to make new trees later or feed the Squirrels! Potatoes are the Fat and Starch made by the plant as food and it is the food the plant does not eat, so we harvest them and eat it instead and pile even more fat on top in the form of Butter and Sour Cream!

If ya do not beleive me, ask your doctor or look it up on Google.

I’ll amend my last post to say this. I know some people think there has to be oil in all salad dressings or it isnt dressing.

When I make Honey Mustard Dressing all I use is Honey and Mustard, either yellow or a good Brown or Dijon style. thus I use no fat in my dressing, if you do and want fat free. leave out the oil!

The words FAT-FREE have become a real joke.
If a product has less than a 1/2 gram of fat per serving, it can call itself fat-free. Just like those fat-free pan sprays for cooking. They are 100% fat, but coz a serving size is less than 1/3 of a second, its Fat-Free.
And of course, its a selling point nowadays, so I’ve even seen jellies with fat-free labels on their jars. AAAA DUH ! Jelly has never had any fat. But it makes the product sell.
Trans-fats are the worst. The same rule of ‘less-than-a-half-gram’ still applies. Yet, if a product has even .4 grams of trans-fat, it is considered laden with this awful oil, but they can say its trans-fat free.
So now the educated consumer must also look at serving size.
Just about anything that has a serving size of 1tbl. or less, like dressings, pan spray, oleo,…are called fat-free, but they are laden with fat.
By the way, when it comes to ‘trans-fats’, more than 0grams a week, is too much and very unhealthy !

You are my kind of woman. I do the same.