Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party

Saw someone asking about finger foods for a girl’s 16th birthday party, so I thought I’d share what my Mom did for my 16th party.

Mom wanted something really special to surprise me. She didn’t know how to keep it secret without also keeping it secret from my friends. About a week before my party she called all the other Moms and asked them not to tell their daughters. She arranged to arrive at each girls house on the morning of my birthday between 5am-6:30am. The Mom’s met my Mom at the door so she wouldn’t have to knock, then Mom went to each girl’s room armed with her camera, woke each girl and snapped their picture as the awoke with surprise. She let each girl put on robes and slippers, no combing hair, etc. Then she took them to the car. After picking up all my friends, she brought them all into my room to wake me. (Unfortunately, I had babysat the night before until 3 am. and then was dreaming or rather having a nightmare that I had been killed in an auto accident and was seeing my family at my funeral -guess I ate too much junk while sitting). So you can imagine my fright when I awoke and all my friends are lining my bed looking down at me!!! Ugh! I was told to get up and put on robe and slippers, like everyone else.

Next she put us all in the car, and after we hit the main road announced she was taking us to the airport where my Uncle worked for breakfast! Along the way, at every red light, she made us get out , run around the car (chinese firedrill). You should have seen the poor old man in the car behind ours! Fortunately, I recognized the path we were driving and realized we weren’t on our way to the Airport, but to my Grannie’s house.

At Grannies, we had breakfast that included the usual bacon, eggs, toast, juice, coffee and the not so usual breakfast foods, cheeseburgers, pizza, fries, chocolate cake and anything else Grannie thought teens might enjoy. Later that afternoon we were treated to a swim party at the Gas Companie’s (where my Dad worked) club for employees.

Trust me, this is one birthday I will never forget, and neither will my friends. I still have all the pictures of everyone before and during the party. What a hoot!

Now that was one memorable Sweet 16 bday party!

Back in the old days – everything was done “Sandra Dee” style. I can remember mine!!! We were a bit more like “stuffed shirts” in those days. Not a hair out of place - lotsa hair spray - the original “flip” hairdo!!! Umpire waist dresses, pointed sling-back shoes with a 2-inch heel, powder blue eye shadow (UGH!) white lipstick (bigger UGH!) and everything being “proper and ladylike”. Not much fun - huh?? But times have changed.

A Chinese Firedrill in your jammies, robes and slippers!!! And I thought we were bad - going out in public with large rollers (or orange juice cans) and a mesh scarf over them (tied at the BACK of the neck- of course) while doing our errands - grocery store, bakery, meat market - no mega-grocery stores like today! We had to look perfect for our Saturday night dates (who showed up with dress pants, dress shirt and a letter sweater!!! Boy have times changed!!!

What memories!!! Thanx!

Kitchen Witch

I remember my aunt showing up at our house like this- and don’t forget the thick black eyeliner drawn out from the corner of the eye! And the cat eye eyeglasses! Fishnet stockings! And hair dyed jet black!

Haven’t I seen some of the young stars dressed like this lately?

what’s that saying ?

“everything old is new again”

yeah - fishnets - black liner - cat’s eye glasses - YUCKY!!

But when you start to see the same styles come back more than once - OUCH!!!

But it’s nice aging - just remember to do it gracefully!!!

Kitchen Witch