Syberg's Hot Wings

I’m searching for Syberg’s (aka Helen Fitzgerald’s) hot wing sauce.

I know they use Frank’s hot sauce, butter, and Durkee’s mayo/mustard spread. Anyone know the amounts of the ingredients?

Dee Dee

I think they actually sell the sauce in stores in St. Louis. That might make it quite a bit easier.

May I add my 2 cents? Ain’t much - I know.

Many chicken wing sauces that use the hot sauce/butter combo usually start with a 3:1 ratio - meaning 1 c. hot sauce to 1/3 c. melted butter - mayo/mustard combos can be half and half, or the same 3:1 ratio as the hot sauce/butter - it is all to taste. (meaning 1 T mayo to 1 t mustard) The degree of hotness for wings is done by many places with the addition of cayenne.

That is usually the base recipe - from their anything and everything has been added to wing recipes.

I hope this helps to get you started.