Szechuan Sauce - San-J

Discovered this sauce last week at the store and absolutely love it. Works great on chicken but especially on beef…man oh man!
Anybody know a good clone or recipe for a good Szechuan Sauce/Marinade?

The brand is San-J, it comes in something like 12oz bottles in my Lucky Store.
I have already gone through 4 or 5 bottles using it as a marinade.
What wonderful flavor it brings to the table.
I love the Szechuan flavor of beef dishes in fast food chinese and this brand is the closest I have found to bring it to beef.

I’m doing it on skirt steak tonight…marinated it over night (really needs only 1 - 3 hrs depending on your taste) and I’ll wipe off the excess and then lather with lime juice and fresh garlic and onto the grill. Med rare and down the hatch!

Thanks for your recipes and I’ll try them all!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking for a clone of Saucy Susan Sparerib Sauce. Don’t need a huge quantity. Maybe enough for a few pint jars if that is possible. The jarred Sweet Chillli Sauces or Mild Chilli or Sweet and Sour available to me are too spicy for my delicate palate. So any help would be much appreciated.

I looked last night for this San-J sauce but my local grocer doesn’t stock it. :frowning: Guess it’s time to make the homemade version.