Tagines Recipe

Chicken Tagine with almonds, zucchini and carrots

750gm chicken thigh fillets sliced up in strips or cubed
2 medium onions chopped
2 cloves of garlic chopped
Half a zucchini julienned and soaked in cold water till required
Half a carrot julienned and soaked in cold water till required (this gives it a beautiful curly look)
3 TB of almond slivers
2 – 3 TB of Moroccan La Karma spice (depending on taste)
1/2 a cup of Pasata (tomato puree sauce/paste)
Salt to taste (I like to use just a dash of fish sauce as it just adds to the flavour)
Some olive oil for cooking

Place your Handmade Moroccan Tagine on the stove on medium heat and add some olive oil.
Once the oil has heated add the onions and garlic and fry gently till the onions are soft.
Add the Moroccan La Karma spice and mix through – add a little water if needed so it doesn’t cake onto the bottom and burn.
Now add the chicken and stir so that they are well coated in the spice mix. Fry for about 3 minutes.
Turn the heat up then add the pasata. Stir to combine.
This combination is quite tasty as is, however if you like add some salt or fish sauce to taste.
Bring to the boil then turn the heat right down low. Cover and let cook on low heat for about 20-30 minutes. (Stir occasionally just to make sure it doesn’t stick to the bottom too much)
After this time remove lid and scatter the carrots and zucchini on top. Put lid back on and continue to cook for another 30-40 minutes.
In the meantime, in a small frypan, fry up the almonds in some olive oil on low-medium heat.
Stir constantly till almonds turn a light golden brown but do not allow to burn. Then set aside.
Once tagine is cooked, sprinkle the almonds on top and serve.

Fantastic served on a bed of rice or cous cous.

Supplied by www.gourmetcookshop.com.au