Olives and anchovies. I love Tapenade. It is perfect to spread on your favourite bread. And it is really easy to make. Let’s make it.


7 ounces black olives, pitted
2 ounces green olives, pitted
1 teaspoon capers
1 can (2 ounces) anchovies in extra virgin olive oil
1 clove of chopped garlic
4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

First we will start preparing the anchovies. To do that we will have to rinse the anchovies in water and then dry them with kitchen paper towel. Then we will put the olives, the capers, the anchovies and the garlic in a blender. We will add a tablespoon of olive oil and we will start blending our Tapenade. I do not like to blend too much. We will add more olive oil little by little and keep on blending till we get the Tapenade we want according to our taste.
Before serving, taste it to see if we need to add some salt. It will not be very probable. You can serve it spread on bread. Toasted bread or not. On crackers… It is up to you. Delicious. Enjoy!

I also like this one with tomatoes:

Olive Tapenade

In Denver, Panzano Chef Jennifer Jasinski’s savory olive tapenade is served as an intensely flavored topping for crusty, rustic bread or as an accompaniment to fish or poultry.

1 cup pitted Kalamata olives
1 Tbs chopped garlic
1 cup sundried tomatoes
1/4 cup capers
1 cup extra virgin olive oil
1/8 cup anchovies

  1. Chop all the ingredients very small and mix together.

Source: Recipe from Executive Chef Jennifer Jasinski, Panzano