Term for Seafood in a Pot

Help me…went to dinner tonight and either age is catching up with me or whatever, but what is the cullinary term for a variety of seafood in a pot. Not New England Boil.

Thanks in advance. Paula

wow - Now I am trying to picture what you had and what was in it -
talk about age - LOL - without having to think too much (for me that is) - there are the traditional “pot” or “boils” (lobster pot/boil, seafood pot/boil, etc) and of course the seafood gumbo/stew/chowder, the Italians have cioppino, then there is the “steamboat”, “trashfish”, “steamers”, "hot pot a/ka/fire pot which is usually (Chinese) meat, fish and veggies and the Cajun “boil pot” to mention a few. Am I close - or do I have to “think” today??? My brain has been on vacation for a few days! (we won’t mention that I’ve lost my mind and need to find it! - LOL)