Texas Roadhouse Ribs

Has anyone come up with a recipe for the Texas Roadhouse Ribs?

I saw somewhere that one of the restaurants like this one used a baking pan with a grate in the bottom to lift the ribs out of the cooking liquid. Do you ahve anything like that? I think that after the ribs were cooked, they put them on a gril for a short while to give them the “grilled” appearance.

:confused::confused: No smoke?

Looks awesome

This is a great recipe. I’ve used it since 2002 when it was first posted on Topsecretrecipes.com for free. I don’t use the liquid smoke as I prefer to use my smoker to finish of the process. I just cooked a double recipe for New Year’s Eve 2011 and as always they were a big hit, especially the sauce.

Texas Roadhouse essentailly boils their ribs in water with liquid smoke, the recipe posted by The Kitchen Witch is much better for what you are looking for probably. Texas Roadhouse makes mushy, bone fall out ribs without much taste IMHO, if I go there I order a steak.

I didnt like the Texas Roadhouse ribs either…too mushy…I like mine a bit chewie…