Thanksgiving Cooking Made Easy

Thanksgiving Cooking Made Easy

Over 100 Delicious Recipes For A Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

In this ebook you’ll find everything you need to know about how to prepare the most amazing Thanksgiving feast. Every recipe has the nutritional information listed along with it. Your guest’s will be impressed with the delicious Thanksgiving dinner you make this year!

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[li]The Secrets to a Perfectly Moist Turkey [/li]
[li]How to Plan Your Dinner with No Stress[/li]
[li]24 Appetizers Your Guests Will Love[/li]
[li]18 Traditional & Creative Main Dish Recipes[/li]
[li]22 Popular Side Dish Recipes[/li]
[li]9 Different Stuffing & Gravy Recipes[/li]
[li]16 Yummy Dessert Recipes[/li]
[li]14 Holiday Cocktail Recipes[/li]
Never Have a Dry, Tough Turkey Again…

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Thanks. Looks like another great cookbook. Heading for the kitchen now.:smile: