The Famous Gethsemani Fruitcake From Kentucky

I am new to this forum so I don’t know where you post a recipe. So I will ask my question and post here.
I have spent many hours trying to find a recipe that duplicates this fruitcake with no success. Since it is so famous I was sure someone would have solved the problem. It is a dark fruitcake with more ‘cake’ than the usual but still plenty of fruit. It is described as a ‘boozy’ cake having both wine and Kentucky Bourbon in it. The NY Times described it as the best fruitcake available a few years ago.
If someone has such a recipe or can tell me where to go on the net for a site that duplicates famous recipes, I would greatly appreciate it.
I am not in the fruitcake business. Just want to make it for my family.

Pasta Salad:
1 pkg. shell macaroni
6 bunches green onions sliced down into green portion
1 bottle reular size green olives w/pimento (usually 2 bottle sizes - get larger)
drain and slice. I cut each into thirds
1 can garbanzo beans drained
1 bottle capers with half juice drained
1 large can tuna packed in water (not light but premium white)
Lemon juice (I use frozen in the bottle)
Mayonnaise (

  1. Cook macaroni al dente (do not overcook) in salted water
  2. Drain and let air dry (just so shells are not loaded with water) stirring to let all of it get exposed to air.
  3. Put macaroni in large bowl and add drained garbanzos, sliced green onions,
    sliced green olives, capers with 1/2 bottle juice, tuna. NOTE: flake tuna into bowl with a fork - no chunks (goes much farther).
  4. Add mayo to taste being careful not to scrimp.
  5. Add lemon juice to taste (we like it on the tart side)
  6. Add salt if necessary
    Chill but fine to eat immediately after making and you will!