The Little Pot Of Stew

Want some good reading, well here it goes, let me know what you think.

Once upon a time I was at this ladies house-we’ll call her mama.
She had this little pot that she did most of her cooking in.
She did many things for people and loved to cook-especially in her little pot.
That little pot had made many meals for her family and friends.

Days grew shorter for mama, but she refused to stop.
For mama had a journey to complete.
Today she decided to make a stew in her little pot and invited the whole family and their chiildren.

As I sat there eating my bowl of stew and looking at that little pot of stew, I asked myself, how is that little pot of stew going to feed all these people?
Some went for seconds and more stew was taken out of the little pot. I didn’t dare go for seconds in fear of others not getting some.

But, when it was all over and everyone left, I helped clean up and went to the little pot of stew, lifted the cover and low and behold. The little pot of stew was still half full.
How was that possible when she fed on that day about twenty people.

Well, mama is in heaven now, and that little pot is somewhere. Whose mama has that little pot? Do you have it? Or, do you have a mama that has a little pot on her stove, too? Where is that little pot today? I wonder…Hmm.