The most fantastical fish and rib eye.

last week i cooked some salmon, asparagus, and a rib eye on the rol.

grill temp was about 300-325. i cooked the salmon to 145 internal temp, and the rib eye till 125, didn’t temp the asparagus, LOL, actually i didn’t LOL i just smirked a little. SAL.the whole thing took about 1/2hr

i put garlic butter on the fish along with the grillmore sweet rub, S&P with a little garlic salt on the rib eye, and the wife did something to the asparagus.

after the steak hit 125 i put it on the hot grill to sear for a few min.

the fish melted like butter in your mouth and tasted fantastical.

the steak was med rare, and juicy, and tasted fantastical.

asparagus cooked perfect and tasted… you guessed it…fantastical. ever since then my belly has been crawlin up my throat looking for more. i created a monster.

i rue the day when metal and a torch fell into my mortal hands and the rib-o-lator was born. my belly craves the mastication of the rib-o-lator food in my mouth.

i am pleading with you not to put the rol on your grill, kettle or uds, as the food utopia you find will be the curse of your soul.

your wife, kids, friends, neighbors, and yes even the dog will forever track you like wild zombies to eat the succulent cooked flesh that only the rol can give them.

your only chance is to keep burning, and scorching your BBQ like you have been…and then you will finally live in peace. lonely…lonely…peace.

might make a good Hitchcock movie.

my wife made some reduced balsamic vinegar to put over the asparagus. yum!


I love Fish… especially Rock Fish. It is a scary fish but tastes amazing.

As they say the scariest fish tastes the best!