The Ultimate Indian Curry Manual

The Ultimate Indian Curry Manual

The first authentic Indian curry book.

The Secret to perfect Homemade Indian food…
Learn the ancient secrets… In Less than 10 steps, every time!

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Full Description:

Inside this cookbook, you’ll learn…

[li]How to use spices, what their Indian names mean, and how to make your own Masalas (or spice blends) at home![/li][li]Where the word curry comes from… And it’s not what you think! This will open up a whole new world of curried possibilities for you![/li][li]Curry 101 – The four primary components of every curry. Get these right, and there is a whole world of curry out there for you to explore![/li][li]The great secrets of curry making, including spices, thickening agents, and flavors![/li][li]The 9 step method to perfect curry, every time! Using these simple steps, you can even invent your own recipes![/li][li]Rice cooking secrets – these tips will help you make better rice, every time!![/li][li]Dozens of easy Indian recipes – all with a gourmet, restaurant flavor![/li]


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