This doesn't go here I am sure, but...

I just found this part of the forum. Ok, yes I am blonde. But I never noticed the health forum before. I found this site last year when searching for someting Bman posted for me later. So i kinda come in a back door to get here. (saved link in favs)

Maybe someone should send one of those “to all” emails about what wonderful stuff is here.

Got this quite by accident when I was responding to KW’s slaw recipe and it had similar recipes at the bottom of page and I clicked on one!

I just discovered this site myself by googling GI diet. I am following this diet and really like it, but I need some more variety.

Are all the recipes in this board low GI really? I ask because none that I have seen show the Glycemic impact or load or rating. . . just wondering, don’t want to throw the diet off!