Throwing a dinner party and need some advice...

Ok so I’m throwing my first big dinner party with about 10 guests set to arrive. I have what I think is a very simple and easy menu planned for the evening. Well I call it a dinner party but these are all close friend so it won’t be all stuffy and pretentious but I do want to get the basics right.

My meal plan consists of:

Shredded BBQ chicken(made in a crockpot with bread buns on the side)
Mac n cheese (not from a box)
Mashed potatoes (they’re from a box but I can usually get them to taste like their homemade)
White bean salad with mint and onion

So my question right now is I know since I have a large party to cook for I’m going to at least have to double my recipes. I’ve never cooked this much chicken in a crockpot before. I will be cooking thighs and legs. Is it ok to layer a crockpot with chicken? Will they all cook evenly if I do? Or will I need to cook the chicken in a couple of batches?

Another question I have is does anyone have any tips on transporting a large amount of food like this? We are not having the party at our apartment but at a place about 10 minutes away. Any pitfalls I should look out for when moving the food that isn’t obvious(like dropping it or nor covering the food. Right now my plan is to buy some Tupperware to move it all in.

You can cook enough chicken for 10 people in an average size crock pot without any problem. I would cook in on low for a longer time.
I think Tupperware is a good idea, but the chicken can also be transported right in the crock pot and set on warm once at the venue. Just be sure to keep hot food hot and cold food cold to avoid spoilage. 10 minutes should not be a problem.
Reading your menu it sounds tasty, but what strikes me is that you have starch (bread) starch (mac n cheese) starch (mashed potatoes) and starch (been salad). Personally, I would skip the mashed potatoes and add a nice green salad. Just a suggestion!

You should be fine with the crockpot for Chicken. i like a can of chicken broth just in case chicken gets dry. Are you serving indoors or outdoors. You may need an ice bowl for the salad.

I’d like to see something crispy served with your meal, not sure of your bean salad recipe which might have color and crispyness. It seems you may be lacking variety as far as color and texture.
(BBQ in bun -cream color Mac -cheese yellow to cream color, mashed potatoes -cream color,white bean salad? color- all soft foods not much color.

You could serve fresh veggies, pickles, fruit…

Just some thoughts… I am sure you will have a great time with good friends… ENJOY