Tickle your taste buds - gravy 'bread


1 big onion
4 tbs of tomato puree
1/2 green bell pepper
2 tbs oil
1/2 spoon chili powder
2 tbs pav bhaji masala (I prefer Everest)
Bun breads
Salted butter
salt per taste


I am still relishing on the taste of this devil … yes I mean this spicy devil. It takes me back to my junior college days… (humming the song in my mind "those were the best days of my life back in summer of '69 …) ohh No. No my best time was not that long ago though. I guess back in '99 when i was in Ruia college I used to visit this place named D.P with a bunch of my pals and every time I would crave for Masala Pav … oo la la … It is super delicious. Its easy to make and it turns out so good that you keep admiring your culinary skills for days and days … well lets get to the recipe guys !!

Whats Next -

Fine chop onion. Heat oil in a heavy bottom pan. Saute onion till its translucent. Add tomato puree. Mix it well with rest of onion. The mixture will start to leave oil from the sides. Add finely chopped bell peppers. Add chili powder, salt and pav bhaji masala. Add little water for this gravy to cook well.

Smear butter on the bun breads. On the griddle fry them till golden brown.

Take out the bun bread in the serving plate. Pour a ladle full of gravy on it and enjoy…

Happy cravings guys !!