I usually copy & paste a recipe into this box. Then I cut and paste the title into the Title box. Sometimes I tweak it a bit if I want to add some history or perhaps some more explanation. I was doing that today and and finished and clicked Submit New Tread and it immediately popped up the Login screen. I had taken too long to enter and the server has timed me out because of inactivity. If you log in your entry is lost.

First click the backup button in the left hand corner of this screen, and you will see your entry. Click on the main text box and do a Ctrl A, then Ctrl C (you can right click the mouse and click Select All and then right click again and click Copy if you prefer, but once you learn these hot keys they are faster and I think you will like them). Login and then click Post new thread. Click in the text box to get focus there, and then do a Ctrl V (right click and Paste). Your text will be there and all you will need to do is type in the Title.

Nice detailed information shared.

Thank you and I hope it is useful information. Sharing knowledge/experience is a good thing!

you are right as there is nothing wrong to tell other what the good you have … a nice share !