Tips for baking brownies

  1. Use the size of the pan indicated in the recipe. Any larger and you’ll end up with dry brownies. Any smaller and it will be gummy. Unless you want tough brownies.

  2. Cool before cutting. Don’t saw to cut. Instead, warm a sharp knife in hot water, dry it then cut. Repeat for the rest.

Feel free to add any tips you have there guys, especially those who are experts in baking.

The warm knife tip is going to save my next batch. I always end up with gooey brownie shrapnel all over the place.

Use a thermometer. Wheat based baking products are done (no longer a batter) but still moist at 190-F. They are dryer at 200-F and real dry at 212-F. 212-F is as high as water goes. If you are measuring a temperature above 212-F internal, then you are measuring burned.


Really moist, gooey brownies are done at 190-F center internal temperature.
Drier cake-like brownies are done at 200-F center internal temperature.

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