Tonight's dinner

Fried Chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, cream biscuits with hone, peach & blackberry slab pie with homemade mango ice cream is tonight’s menu for 6 of us.

Yum yum to your meal. We are having a chef salad with romaine & spring mix, carrots, roma tomato, black and green olives, red cabbage, sliced portabella mushrooms, chucked chicken breast, shrimp, 5 bean salad, real bacon bits, feta cheese, blue cheese, croutons and ranch dressing.

Jeera rice - It is very easy and quickly prepared with out any masala.

Take 1 glass of Basmati rice,Clean it and pour 2.5 glasses of water.Cook the food.

Keep a pan add 5-6 spoons of oil,add Jeera seeds 1 spoon,add a little of ginger garlic paste, some cashews(8-10), Garlic cloves(10-12) fry all, add at the end pepper powder and off the stove .

Take the rice in a separate container spread,add 1spoon of salt(according to your taste),mix the content of the pan with rice.If needed you can add a little bit of chilly sauce for good taste.

I wished I ate dinner at your house tonight!:stuck_out_tongue:

Thai roasted duck and pumpkin curry is on the menu for tonight.

Last night we tried El Torito Chicken Fajitas, and it is a keeper.

Thaali - 4 roti,Aloo curry,Rice ,Rasam and curd.