Too Sweet Chili

Hey, I was wondering if there is anyway to take some sweetness out of chili aside from adding more ingredients. I made a huge pot this evening and somehow between an 8 yr old, 3 cats, my fiance asking me a billion questions and the phone ringing non stop, I accidentally added too much brown sugar. I have heard that if you put too much salt in a soup you can boil a potato to remove it and a carrot will take out tartness, but I have not heard of a way to remove sweetness. Any suggestions?

You might try using vinegar. I would start with a teaspoonful and keep adding until it fits your tastebuds. Vinegar will certainly cut the sugary taste but be careful not to overdo it. Any type will work.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much Pat!! I will try it!!


KV, next time I would try some fresh squezzed lime juice again 1 T at a lime until sweetness is nutralized. Me I don’t like vinager very much. :wink: