Top 10 Pairing Foods

A lot of time we just follow what is written in the recipe book to select the ingredients to use, but we seldom find out what is the effect of these pairing foods. In fact, by knowing the pairing food, it actually helps us further understand what are the good effects of these foods bring to us. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Fish and Tofu

Effect: They provide calcium to avoid borne related diseases.
Reason: Tofu has a lot of calcium, if eaten alone, calcium in tofu will not get absorb by body easily, but it goes very well with fish that has a lot of vitamin D, since vitamin D helps to accelerate the abortion of calcium.

  1. Pig Liver and Spinach

Effect: Both avoid Anemia.
Reason: Pig liver has a lot of Folic Acid, vitamin B12 and iron which are good in blood production. Spinach has also rich in Folic Acid and iron. So eating both of this food actually balance up the meat and vegetable needs and double the Folic Acid and iron intake.

  1. Lamb and Ginger

Effect: Reduce back pain, reduce cold feet and palm, and rheumatism.
Reason: Lamb or Mutton is good for Qi and Yang, benefit to kidney, ginger is able to reduce pain and rheumatism. Eating both is good, as ginger able to remove the strong mutton smell, helps to neutral the heat of the mutton and reduce body coldness.

  1. Chicken and Chestnut

Effect: Blood reproduction, good for anemia patient.
Reason: Chicken is good blood reproduction source, chestnut is good for spleen.

  1. Duck and Chinese Yam

Effect: Nurturing lungs, body strengthening for people who has a weaker body
Reason: Duck is good at nurturing β€œYin”, remove heat and cough. Chinese yam is better fit for nurturing β€œYin” also, mix together with duck, the oil from duck can be reduced, and very good for lungs.

  1. Skinny Pork and Garlic

Effect: Helps in blood circulation, reduce tiredness, improve body immune system.
Reason: Skinny pork has rich vitamin B1, with the Allicin in garlic, it helps to extract more vitamin B1 and prolong the time it stays in our body, it also enable better blood circulation and faster in reducing tiredness.

  1. Egg and lily pedal

Effect: Nurturing and moisturizing skin, improve calmness.
Reason: Lily pedal can reduce heat in body, egg yolk helps in eradicate body heat also.

  1. Sesame and Kelp

Effect: Promote beauty and anti-aging
Reason: Sesame helps in better blood circulation, faster metabolism, reduce cholesterol level. Kelp has very rich calcium and iodine which help to purify blood, improve thyroxine formation.

  1. Tofu and Radish

Effect: Helps in digestion.
Reason: Tofu is rich of plant protein, people with weak stomach cannot take too much of tofu due it will cause indigestion. Radish has very good effect in helping digestion.

  1. Red Wine and Peanuts

Effect: Good for the heart
Reason: Red wine has aspirin ingredient, peanut has some sort of alcohol ingredient, eating both together it can helps in preventing thrombosis, thus you will have a healthier blood vessels.

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