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heres a great clam chowder recipe hope its has well recieved has it is every time i make it . you will need tree cans of baby clams and thier broth 1, onion ,3 potatoes,3to4 cloves (small ones of garlic)4to5 slices of bacon,about a quater inch slice of salt pork . now take the bacon and salt pork and chop it up small then saute till crispy remove the pork and bacon to a papertowel save for later then chop the onion and add to the drippings to saute them i use a stock pan to do this that way i dont have a lot to clean up once the onions begin to sweat add chushed galic,and the potatoes which should be cut into small cubes and add the clam broth to the pot simmer till potatoes are tender add clams salt and pepper to taste and about 3 cups light cream and 3/4 to 1 cup of heavy cream i often use just the light cream add the bacon and salt pork bits to the chowder along with a tabl. of butter and enjoy!

Welcome. The recipe sounds like good chowder. I am originally from New England and do miss their food.

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I have some New England recipes if you want them.

Jim - Massachusetts

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