Turbot recipe idea to impress - does this sound tasty?

Hi, I am developing a recipe of my own for a dinner party and wanted to ask people if this sounded tasty or if there was anything people would change / any tips / ideas??

Pan fried turbot with a warm dressed salad of fennel, asparagus and chard.
I was thinking of doing the dressing for the warm salad with rapeseed oil, cider vinegar and elderflower cordial.

Is there anything people would add to the salad to give it some colour?

Will these flavours be tasty together?

Any help would be so much appreciated!!!
Many thanks!

If you like colorful salad, try cherry tomato and bell pepper. For dressing, maybe add some black pepper and honey. Pan fried the fish is nice, try to use butter, its good.:slight_smile:

Fish is better if pan fried in oil and finished off with butter.