Turkey stock

I made stock from the turkey carcass. It jellied up nicely but is white. Is it still good to use. Why is it white?

Jaydee - you say it is “white” - is it white or just light? Light is fine - but white??? Now was it a fatty turkey? That is what happened to me - I had a turkey for the holiday and he was a fatty - he had so much fat in him that I could not believe it. It jelled up nicely too but you can taste the fat in it - I threw it out and that is something that I never had to do before. But with all the thousands of turkeys I’ve ever cooked - this one was the odd-ball. Same brand I usually buy too. It was a disappointment. I cut a lot of fat off him before roasting too,.

And when making your stock - did you use just the bones or did you add the skin? Was it from a roasted turkey? Please give me a bit more on this.

Thank you.

It was from a roasted turkey. After some research on the net, I found out that I boiled it too much instead of simmering it and I stirred it too much. oh well. live and learn lol