Two questions

My first time on here so please bear with me…

My first questions is: What is the best way to store sprouts? I know in the fridge, but what about the packaging and the best area in the fridge?

Second question: I WAY over spiced a beef stew with peppers. How do I get the flavor down to a reasonable burn? I tried putting in more raw potatoes and tried sugar and vinegar. These didn’t make a dent in it!


Hi there Kateannie - Welcome!

Let’s start with the peppers - I don’t know how much stew you made - but - there’s a chance it can be salvaged. Portion it up into little packages and freeze. The next time you make stew - add a small pouch. And don’t add any peppers to the new batch.

Now on to your sprouts - wash your sprouts and dry - a salad spinner is good for that - remove the hulls before spinning dry if you are going to store them for a length of time in the fridge - they will last longer. Air dry completely before storing. If placed in a plastic container - keep the lid “cracked” for air - you want the moisture to evaporate. for longer storage place a paper towel in the bottom of the container. Plastic bags don’t work for storing sprouts. They should store for 10 days that way - if you see any mold, deterioration, or they start to smell - toss the whole lot of them.