US to UK equivalents

I want to make some of the many cookies by KitchenWitch and as this is a predominantly American site, I am finding some of the ingredients a tad strange. I am sure we have a British alternative or different name for most…so could anyone help me with the following.

Baking soda (could this be bicarbonate of soda)


Cake flour

Corn syrup

Many thanks RR

Thnak you very much Kitchen Witch, I am wondering if you’re cake flour is what we would call Self Raising. Will use your method just incase not. All the other ingredients are available.

Thanks again, RR

According to the Oxford University Press dictionary Cake flour is the North American term for plain flour.

Another thing for Brits to keep in mind is that the US cup is 8 fluid ounces, not 10 as is in the UK.

Many thanks, I promise not to refer to Oxford dictionary for American recipes lol. Many different types of flour, I will have to careful when baking, actually think I’ll print out your answers KW. Thanks lvd, fortunately I found a little utensil which has lots of spoons on and they are measured in the American cup way.