Use for Egg Yolks?

I am making cookies that only call for 4 egg whites. Now I have 4 egg yolks and I don’t have any idea what to do with them.:confused:
I can keep them until Saturday and put them in my Christmas Stuffing but is there anything else I can do with them when there isn’t a holiday?

Thanks for the help. I am sure I will try those recipes. Hubby said I could just cook them up for him for breakfast but I don’t like giving him too many eggs.
Thanks again.

Found this article;


Make an effective facial. Though the egg yolk face conditioner dates back to Roman times (and the Romans were quite serious about external good looks), there seems to be modern evidence suggesting egg yolks can heal the skin in a way nothing else can replicate. The Resources takes you to an exact how-to on making an egg yolk product for your skin.


Feed them to your dog. Some people feel egg whites aren’t good for dogs, but most agree egg yolks are excellent for them. If you have organic eggs or are positive the eggs have no chance of any food poisoning (for example, would you eat them raw yourself), then mix the yolks raw in with your dog’s food to give her some raw food enzymes. Otherwise, cook them as you would scrambled eggs.

Make a hair treatment. Egg yolk is known for conditioning and even restoring hair growth. Wash your hair in the shower, coat wet scalp and hair with egg yolks and cover with plastic shower cap. Wrap with a towel and step out of the shower for 45 minutes. The towel gives a little more helpful warmth, but not so much the egg is cooked onto your hair. Then step back and rinse it thoroughly out of your hair.


Make homemade ice cream. Old fashioned homemade ice cream calls for only egg yolks. The Resources below even takes you to an article that shows how to make a homemade ice cream that stores well in the freezer and is actually healthy for your body and weight.


Make key lime pie. Key lime pie calls for egg yolks only. If you make it with fresh squeezed lime it’s all the better.


Make cheese cake. Many cheesecake recipes call for whole eggs, with the addition of some extra yolks.

Add one or two extra egg yolks in with the other required ingredients (even other whole eggs) to almost any baked product such as muffins and sweet breads for extra protein and richness.

Add one or two extra egg yolks to regular scrambled eggs. They’ll still hold together and taste quite rich if just one or two extra egg yolks are added to three or four regular whole eggs when scrambling.


Make tempera paints. There are many recipes online that tell how to make tempera paints with egg yolks. Only egg yolks are used to make these paints because egg white has too little of a substance called albumen to make quality tempera paint.


Make your own mayonnaise. Most homemade mayonnaise ingredients call for egg yolks only. The homemade version is delicious and you can find many simple how-tos already online, with versions that use organic ingredients, olive oil, unrefined sweetener, and many other perks that come with choosing your own ingredients for this condiment.

And now for my own personal health nut comment;Their egg yolks ! Like over 1100 grams of unhealthy artery clogging. Yeah, I love egg yolks, but I might just toss em. Only 10 cents or less an egg…

You can make naak khatai (semolina biscuits)