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Dear Kitchen Witch,

I Want to make Milkshake for my child for the first time. Can I use Valina Flavor instead of vanilla extract ? ( I did not get Vanila extract in our shops. What is Valina extract ? Is it Vanila Powder? I understand that Valina Extract is made from pure Vanila . On the other hand Vanila Flavor is Artificial.) . So, if I use Vanila Flavor is it good for health? I also bought Chocolate syrup & Strawberry Syrup and Coca powder. Is it OK ? What will be better & good for health : Coca powder or Chocolate Syrup ?

Thanks in advance for your advise.


Vanilla flavoring is safe to use, it just doesn’t have the same real vanilla flavor. If your children have never tasted the real thing they won’t know the difference. You can also use vanilla powder which has a more real vanilla taste.

Chocolate syrup will make a better tasting milk shake than cocoa powder. That’s what all the places that make milk shakes in the US use.

That is such a great idea! Can you do that to make other flavors?

How long will the vanilla last if made from Vodka?

How long will the vanilla last if made from Vodka?

How long it lasts depends on how fast you use it. LOL