Vegan French Toast

Here’s what you need…

* 1 cup soy milk
* 3/4 inch strip of tofu
* 2 tbsp flour
* 1tbsp brown sugar
* 1 tbsp cinnamon
* 1tbsp flax seed
* 6-8 slices of bread
* earth balance margarine

Start off by adding your soy milk and flax seed into a blender. Turn the blender on high until the flax seed is as blended as you can get it. With the packet of tofu laid out horizontally in front of you, slice a vertical strip that is about 3/4 of an inch and add it into the blender. This combination is our egg substitute.

Now pour the contents of the blender into a shallow dish. Add the flour, brown sugar, and cinnamon, whisking them into the mixture. Next you want to heat up 1/4 of a cup of earth balance in the microwave, until it is a liquid, then whisk this into your mixture. Our batter is now complete.

Add enough earth balance to coat a pan or griddle, and put it on medium heat. If you are using a pan I recommend only cooking one piece of toast at a time. Dip both sides of the bread in your mixture, and scrape off any extra batter before adding it to pan. Add your toast to the pan. We found it best to press the toast as it cooked to ensure even browning. We used a panini weight but pressing with a spatula would work just as well. Each side will take a minute to a minute and a half. If you are doing them one at a time you can keep them warm in the oven on your lowest setting.

Sift some powdered sugar over your toast and pour some maple syrup on top, and enjoy!

Thanks for the recipe ! Just wanted to ask , How many minutes do i put it in medium heat for ?