Vegetable and Fruit Tips

Vegetable and Fruit Tips

  • Prevent discoloration of green leafy vegetables: Add a pinch of
    common salt and sugar to the cooking vegetable so as to avoid
    discoloration of green leafy vegetables.

  • Onion peeling without crying: Peel onions under water to avoid
    “crying”. Another option is to refrigerate onions before cutting.

  • Keep green leafy vegetables fresh for longer time: Wrap green leafy
    vegetables in a newspaper before putting in the vegetable bag or
    tray. This will keep them fresh much longer.

  • Stop potatoes from rotting: Potatoes rot quickly if stored near
    onions. To prevent potatoes from budding, place an apple in the bag
    with the potatoes.

  • Keep chillies fresh for a longer time: While storing green chilies,
    remove the stems.

Great tip about the potatoes. I have found it difficult in the last couple of years to get really good potatoes. The quality has been poor here lately. Not sure why.

THank again, great tips.