Veggie Soup

This recipe has been in our family for years my great grandfather was the creator of this master piece.
1-3-4 lb Chuck roast, I cook mine in the crockpot 4-5 hrs on high, with a small amount salt, pepper, garlic powder, 2 beef boullion cubes, 2- cups water(I heat the water & cubes in the mirco for 4 mins) & 1 teasp. kitchen bouquet.
All the following are diced, chopped, or opened.
4-5 red potatoes
1- sm. bag carrots
1-sm head of cabbage
1- ea can of corn, peas, green beans, baby lima beans.
1- can med size petite diced tomatoes(larger than the reg. size veggies)
1- sm bottle tomato juice 12-16 oz
Shred the roast with 2 forks(save the broth).
Cook the potatoes, carrots, cabbage, & onion w/enough water to cover 10 min.
You will
have to add water… you be the judge at this point. Salt & pepper @ your discretion.
Add the beef, broth, and all other ingredients, bring to a boil, lower heat but boil 10 min. Cook for several hours on med or low. Use a LARGE PAN!!! Invite lots of friends. This makes a bunch!!!