Wasabi Dressing

Wasabi Dressing

Here is my verison of Wasabi Dressing …Enjoy, HJ

1/2 c. mayo
1/4 c.sour cream
mix 3 mayo to 1 sour cream
3 large squirts Wasabi paste
1 tsp. creamed horseradish
1 capful or less white vinegar
½ tsp. garlic granular
accent dash
salt to your taste
1 yellow food coloring very very tiny
1 green food coloring a tiny drop
together make a light lime color
lemon fresh sliver of squeeze in
dash of Equal sugar or to your taste

Mix all well –taste adjust your sugar or whatever. over ñ chill

Notes~ Thinner sauce for like pouring over salmon or veggies add more sour
cream, Thicker have more mayo for dips -sandwiches .

Add any herbs to the above recipe -to enhance flavor to whatever you are
using it for.

Make as hot or mild as you like -use on sandwiches- dressing for eggs salad
or other salads- shrimp- fish- mussels-salmon-burgers- as a dip - with green
beans or on tacos or with cheeses with avocado’s – Get creative.

My verison is not over powering nor really hot . Adding more wasabi or
horseradish will add heat…Served this with Prime Rib Roast they all loved

Surce: Hj