Waste Of Time/Money

IMHO ( In My Humble Opinion) most of the so called conveniance food products take just as long or longer to prepare than makng the same dish from scratch.

The average household kitchen has or should have everything nessisary to make a dish like Sloppy Joes Manwich without the can!

In the manwich can are the items: Ketsup or tomatoe sauce, finly diced onion and bell pepper,Mustard Powder,Brown Sugar or Molassas, and a bit of salt and pepper. You supply the Ground Beef.

If a person is any kind of cook, they have Ketsup or tomatoes sauce, brown sugar or molassas, mustard Powder or Prepared yellow mustard, fresh onion and bell pepper and salt and pepper.
Using either method, it takes a pound of ground beef at its lowest cost of $1.69. The other items maybe total $.95. It takes from 10 to fifteen minutes to brown the ground beef for either method. During that time you can mix the other items in a bowl or just set them where they can be quickly added to the ground beef, and the onion and bell pepper can be cleaned and diced. After all things are mixed it still takes from fifteen to twenty-five minutes to cook and thicken. Where is the saved time you got by opening a can?

Canned Italian Sauce for pasta is from $2.75 to $3.95 a jar and again, everything in that jar is, or should be, in the home pantry. If planned correctly a large dish of Linguini can be prepared in fifteen to twenty-five minites tops.
Gather everything needed for the sauce and pasta: Canned tomatoes and Tomatoe sauce, Ground Beef or Pork, canned mushrooms, a fresh onion and bell pepper and the Italian spices needed.
After everything is gathered, fill a large kettle with water and put on high heat to bring to a rolling boil. Heat a sauce pan and brown the ground meat, adding the onion and bell pepper once most of the pink is gone from the ground meat. Allow veggies to cook then add canned mushrooms and the tomatoes and tomato sauce and mix and add the spices, either a blend of Oregano, Thyme, Tarragon, Summer Savory, Basil, and a bit of sugar to kill the acid taste of tomatoes. Mix well and allow to simmer as you breck the linguini in half and drop in the now boiling water. Cook pasta Al Dente’ or until it sticks to the wall behind cooktop. Drain pasta, do not rinse away the startch or sauce will not stick to pasta, and drain water and place in large bowl and either serve on plate and top with spooned on meat sauce or just pour sauce over pasta in bowl and toss to coat then serve. I can make this in less time than it takes to grill a steck outdoors.

IMHO, Fresh food is alway better tasting and for us than the canned/jarred stuff that is filled with chemicals that are said to preserve it. Home canned Tomatoes or other veggies do not have all of those chemicals in them and if properly canned last for at least one growing season until the next, ask your grandma about this point and get out there and cook some real, not plastic or chemical food or drink. Ever notice there is real lemon juice in Dish Soap but not in Instant Lemonaide?

Great topic !
Yet, over the last few months, my legs have gotten annoying, and I’m finding myself more often deciding on something I pop in the microwave for 5mins. and sit down than to prepare myself.
And you are oh so right ! I’ve not only given up on so many fresh flavors, but on nutrition as well.
The best flavor any of us cooks can ever give to anything, is our love of making it. No processed food it ever gonna replace that.

I too have days that I can not stand long enough to prep the fresh things needed, those are the days I make my room mate do the cooking LOL.