Weight Watchers

Well I finally did it. I joined Weight Watchers last week, my first weigh in was Wed and I lost 4 pounds! I have went to recipe exchange to the low calorie recipes. Hope I can keep it up. There are some great low cal recipes on here I cant wait to try!

Congratulations! Keep up the good work.


Congrats Brackman…

Stick with your program. You have already overcome the largest hurdle … getting started!

Hope you enjoy the variety of recipes here and I am certain that with determination and effort, you will accomplish your goal.

Best wishes,


Glad your going. I’m doing weight watchers as well. I’ve lost 15 pounds since Jan. 1. but I have been at a stand still for 2 weeks.:

This is my firt visit to this site and I am definitely looking forward to new recipes. I have been doing WW since the beginning of January (isn’t that when we all begin?). I have lost 25 pounds…yippee! With new recipes it makes me realize I can keep doing this and it doesn’t have to get old and stale. :smiley:

Hey, I am a lifetime member of ww and it really does work. I am still following the program and hope to forever.

I started WW at the end of summer last year and have lost 20 pounds. I am almost to my goal and am very excited. I am looking forward to sharing recipes. I need some great ideas for the summer since that seems to be the time of year when I eat and drink more cold stuff. Thanks.

Congrats Brackman! I to belong to WW and it is the best thing going. I joined last May and have lost 20lbs. It’s hard for me but I’m hanging in there. I haven’t missed a meeting since I started. Just make sure you attend those meetings. I hate to think of were I would be if I didn’t. Keep up the good work.

Congrats for joining WW! I’m following it too. Even tho I’m not a fan of chicken, I’ve fallen in love with their Diet Coke Chicken! Such an easy recipe! Check it out on the WW site, or if others want it on here, just ask!

well done!!! :slight_smile: I joined WW around the same time as you, and so far have lost 11.4kg/25lb

mrsctb7 - i love the cola chicken too :wink:

Congrats to all who are losing weight. On Dec 14, 2007, after some health scares, I went on a modified WW diet and thus far have lost 60.5 pounds. My diet is “modified” as I use my wife as my coach. She made lifetime WW membership in 2006.


Congratulations to all of you on your great success. Remember the scale is not your only way to measure your success. I have been a WW member for over 12 years, reaching my goal in July of 1996. I now teach 3 WW classes a week. It helps keep me in check. Still at my goal weight, hoping to get a little under for the summer season.
To all of you - Keep Up the Good Work!!

Congrats alott and keep up the good work, now the challeneg comes in maintaining the good streak otherwise all the best and thanks alot for the inspiration.

I love everyone’s positive attitude here. Losing weight isn’t easy; keeping it off is hard…just ask me. The key is to catch it before it’s out of control. It’s really amazing how good fresh, natural foods taste. If the food is good, there’s no need to smother it in butter, cheese sauce or other things. Save the splurges for special times & then enjoy them without guilt.

As one of our daughters always says…everything in moderation!

Thanks all WW people for reinforcing healthy eating!