Hi everyone and welcome to the diabetic thread of the Health Forum. I recently read an article where American and Canadian Health Associations are predicting an onslaught of diabetes diagnosis, in-part due to our cultural preferences to fast food, poor eating habits and lack of regular exercise. This disease is also being diagnosed with youth in record numbers, for the very same reasons. Diabetes is a silent and very unforgiving disease. Many people don’t even know they have diabetes. I (B-man) was recently diagnosed with type II diabetes, but I am fortunate enough, that it is being closely monitored and regulated through diet alone. Many, many folks are not so lucky, and regulate their blood sugar via insulin. This thread, therefore, has a special meaning to me, and the object of posts here, is obviously to present recipes that are healthy and beneficial for diabetic life. Please be sure to include the nutritional information with your recipe, where possible. Blessings to all, who are living with this disease. May it one-day soon, be curable!

Aline & B-man :slight_smile:

Thank you for so many wonderful diabetic recipes. I have just recently been diagnosed and am trying to control this with diet and pills. I was wondering if you have heard or might could find a recipe for diabetic apple butter. It is one of my favorite spreads on toast. any help would be greatly appreciated.I have a favorite sauteed shrimp recipe but do not know of the calories or other nutritional information so I did not know if it would be alright to post or not is is very simple and easy to fix and quite tasty. there really are no measurements either, take the amount of shrimp usually I use 6 to 8 depending on the size. peel and do not rinse. set aside in bowl. sprinklw with all of the following ( amount depends on personal taste) garlic powder, onion powder, salt(i like kosher) cayeene pepper, and splenda. Drizzle with sesame oil. stir well and let sit for a few minutes. lightly coat a pan with peanut oil or reduced fat margarine( i use heart smart balance) heat pan then reduce heat, add shrimp and watch carefully, flip when opaque on one side, remove from heat and allow to finish cooking on the side (if neede return pan to heat for a minute ot two ( this will depend on the size of the shrimp) serve hot over noodles or with rice. you can add vegetables to the noodles and rice for a full meal. ( onions, cabbage, mushrooms, croccoli, whatever u like