What are Some Drinks Made With Grenadine?

There are over 500 drinks made with grenadine. Most of these contain alcohol, but there are several drinks made with grenadine that are popular among those who don’t drink alcohol. The two most popular non-alcoholic drinks made with grenadine are the Roy Rogers, which uses cola and grenadine, and ginger ale and grenadine, called the Shirley Temple.

A few other non-alcoholic drinks made with grenadine include the pineapple-orange twist, a mix of pineapple juice, orange juice, and grenadine. Grapefruit lemonade and pink lemonade can also be drinks made with grenadine.


I thought grendine was alcoholic, clearly I was mistaken. I think it’s an ingredient to that 70’s/80’s cocktail favourite the Harvey Wallbanger (no I’ve just been told that’s Galliano).