What bread to have with chicken parmigiana?

I’m British and live in England with my American boyfriend. I am trying to get good at cooking american recipes before we move to the states in a couple of years!!

I have found a good recipe for Chicken Parmigiana but would like to know what kind of bread would go well with it - would biscuits work?

For me the best would be either a crusty baguette or garlic bread, certainly not biscuits. I am American raised in an Italian neighborhood and I had an Italian great aunt.

Keep this is mind Taplin… Biscuits are country style cooking. They are to be served with a breakfast or a gravy/potatoes/meat type meal, in America.
You can bet that just about any Italian style meal will call for a crusty bread or bread stix with garlic or garlic/parmesean, in any country!