what can I substitute for Bread?

I think gluten may not agree with me but I can’t imagine getting by without Bread! Any suggestions of a Bread substitute? The only ones I have come across so far involve buying an expensive air dryer device. Any tips or recipes?
Does corn contain gluten? maybe I could make some sort of cornbread

ok did a bit of thinking and looking around - came across these tips so far

rice cakes
potato waffles
rice tortillas

also try making my own tortillas from
almond meal
coconut flour
rice flour
Quinoa flour
sorgrum flour
tapioca flour
corn flour
cauliflour tortillas !! here is the video on youtube

Anyone tried any of these?

Thanks, I think I will try the Gluten Free Flour Tortillas, I might leave aside wheat flour altogether for a while :slight_smile: