What Difficult Is To Make Our Kids Eat Vegetables Tips For They Eat Till The Last Veg

I am not a mother, but I was so hard to me eat vegetables when I was a child, my mother always prepare veggies, every time she prepared a salad, or baked with vegetables to accompany the meal was a horror film to see the leaves, stems and Other pieces of green seemed to be alive, it was horrible. And after that I grew up and one of the things I love the most is vegetables.

And now I think that veggies are not guilty to not eat them, now I realize that what’s needed for children to eat their vegetables is to have a little of IMAGINATION.

Please do not forget that some of the food more nutritious, delicious and benefical to our bodies are composed of VEGETABLES, veggies has vitamins and minerals, sufficient water and help prevent diseases of obesity and high cholesterol, so it’s important to eat vegetables on a regular basis and adopt them as part of our daily nutrition.

Hours I could be talking about the benefits of vegetables, but we will focus on the topic. HOW TO MAKE OUR CHILDREN consume vegetables ¡¡

Well my first advice is

• Use your IMAGINATION, one of the things that make a child do not eat vegetables is the way we present veggies, don’t serve it in the side of the dish, or when you cook them does not get over the food, simple fact of seeing the plants in this position will cause the child detests vegetables immediately. On the other hand you can do is use your imagination as I said, you can improve the presentation and have fun, prepare a salad that has a clown’s face, add fruits to some salads generates a pleasant smell, use your ingenuity to create forms and shapes that you draw attention to your child, a character from the comics or their favorite TV series, what matters here is that you use your IMAGINATION.

• There are many vegetables that you can do as cakes and delicious desserts, you can make a carrot cake, or you can make an omelet containing broccoli or cauliflower or mix the two of them, remember that how we present things is what makes us eat until the last grain of rice

• Use an incentive to eat the vegetables, for example you can offer this rich dessert you’re your child likes, in the moment if you have not veggies that you can use to make some delicious dessert then strive yourself a little more and get a dessert simple as a pudding or a custard and offer them as a reward for having made the great feat of eating vegetables

• Finally, if your son likes meat, like chicken or beef, use your imagination again and mixed vegetables with meat, you can create a salad that contains not only vegetables but also meat and that unpalatable assumption that children say the veggies has will be blurred by the delicious taste of meat, of course, must be cooked.

Do not forget to use your imagination and ingenuity to make the kitchen won’t be a hell, on the contrary it became a good time for you and yours

Bon Apetit

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When I was a kid I hated cooked cabbage so I doused it with catsup. Now I like cabbage and am not very keen on catsup. LOL

It’s normal not to want to eat some foods. When i was kid i hated cheese but love tomatoes. One day my granny told me that the cheese is white tomato :D. So i started to eat cheese. My own opinion is that children should not be pushed to eat something that they don’t want (because of that now i hate honey, cabbage and a lot of other stuff).

I agree that kids should not be forced to eat certain foods as long as they are not filling up on junk food.

yes, i agree to that kids should be dislike veggies
im in same case whwn i was child
but my mum have a tips to make me like veggies.
when i was child my mum always asked me to prepare veggie together,
thats make me proud coz i can prepare that food by myself, so i will eat evertything that i prepared.