What do you do with "Hot Dog Water"?

Someone asked on another food website:

What do you do with “Hot Dog Water”?

You know, the water that you use to boil hot dogs? Seems like such a waste to just dump it.

Here are some of the funny answers:

  • If you have some rice and any leftover hot dogs, how about hot dog risotto?

-Cook lobsters in it.

-If there is a drought, accumulate it with other water(s) and use it to flush the toilet

-Maybe you could freeze it and put hot dog ice cubes in Bloody Marys.

-You could parboil the hot dogs and then use the liquid for split pea soup and add sliced hot dogs at the last.

-You could use it to thin canned chili.

-Savory shaved ice.

-Use it as a mixer with vodka … vodka goes well with pretty much anything.

-Bottle it & sell it as dog perfume?

-I’d use it for the same thing I use canned Tuna juice when squeezed of the tuna…put it over the dogs food at night.

-Save up ketchup packets from restaurants and add to hot dog water to make tomato soup. Also save up some saltine packets from restaurants to garnish the tomato soup.

-Take one tablespoon of hot dog water and call the doctor in the morning. :wink:

-Hot dog water microwave risotto with crumbled potato chips on top?

-Hot dog water to make instant mashed potatoes. Cover chopped hot dogs with instant mashed potatoes to make hot dog shepherds pie.

-Or, maybe you could have it blessed, making it Holy Hot Dog Water, and then sell it on Ebay.

-Maybe it could be used as “au jus” for a grilled cheese sandwich? :wink:

-Hot dog water ramen.

-If you collect enough hot dog water and dry it you can make hot dog bouillon cubes. Of course the hot dog bouillon cubes would be a poor substitute for the real thing. :wink:

-The worlds 2nd shortest book: “Things to do with left over hot dog water.” The worlds shortest book is of course: “Things to do with left over rice water.”

-Wait a minute! I think we have a new Jones Soda Flavor. Hot Dog Water. They could sell it in a six pack with Lima Bean water, Vienna Sausage juice, Tuna water, Hard Boiled Egg water and Sourdough hooch.

If ya’ have some really ugly kids, use it as shampoo to get the dogs to play with them.

Kids might be sensitive to dog skin but it’s worth the try.

I would think that the water has all the vitamins in it, and I was just wondering what you all do with boiled potato water. Me, I just drink it with a little butter and garlic salt. Delicious.

I think the operative line in the OP’s post was “Here are some funny answers”

Much rarer than hot dog water is vienna sausage water. Those little cans don’t hold much, so carefully pour into a shot glass and enjoy.:o

I always keep a jug of hot dog water in the fridge for one of its many uses. It doesn’t go bad. :stuck_out_tongue: