What Is Bison Meat?


Bison meat is another name for buffalo meat. While bison is technically correct, the two names are used interchangeably to denote a large, four-legged, horned animal, usually brown in color, and similar to an ox or a cow. Bison have shaggy hair that forms a mane on their neck and a hump on their shoulders. Like a cow, they eat grass, leaves, and shrubs. Then they regurgitate what they have swallowed — called a cud — and chew it, which classifies them as a ruminant.


[b]Nice topic and post.

Buffalo meat is one of my soap boxes !
Buffalo grow faster than cattle, and on less food. Their meat is leaner, and the fats less saturated with cholestoral. They even breed faster than cattle.
Quite a puzzle how buffalo meat sells for over three times the price of beef at supermarkets ?
Yep, its all pretty much politics here in the US when it comes to things that threaten the status quo (beef & pork industries).
Beef & pork ranchers are subsidized by the government to make sure the population doesn’t run out of food. Yet, even though buffalo would save food resources, they can’t get any help from the government. Hmmm…wonder who’s behind that ?[/b]

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Bison meat is fantastic. I usually buy bison steaks online and cooked one two nights ago. It has a similar flavor to beef, but the texture and tenderness of my bison sirloin steak was like a beef filet mignon. I definitely recommend it.

Makes really good jerky and spicy buffalo sausage as well. My son especially likes the burgers…very lean!

Ignore nelsonheel’s comment. Bison meat is very lean & lower in calories and fat than many other meats. Cooking is important as it can become very dry & tough by overcooking.

Agreed. I’ve always found it to be much leaner. A little more expensive than beef, but definitely worth it.